Inspeer is a mobile application that supports performance of inspection and survey of equipment and technology installations. This is a solution especially for enterprises requiring high safety levels for the operation of production lines and certain infrastructure elements. In such cases a periodical monitoring of production equipment, status and simultaneous tracing of parameter changes in function of time are necessary.

        Inspeer is an application that allows the user to define, plan and execute inspections and surveys in a reliable and efficient way.

  • Definition, planning and scheduling of inspections/surveys
  • Domain division; each organizational unit of an enterprise defines its inspection; users see on PDAs only inspections from their domain
  • Monitoring of inspection performance using RFID technology
  • Transmission of inspection/surveys results to central server on-line or off-line
  • Creation of reports from history of inspected objects (e.g. production equipment)
  • Definition of alarms/threats thresholds
  • Filtration of gathered information
  • Time trends analyses
  • Integration with Maintenance and ERP systems
  • Improvement of operational reliability of monitored equipment and installations
  • Optimization of equipment and installation maintenance cost
  • Enhance planning and performance monitoring of inspections and surveys