DisPro was designed and developed leveraging the experience of rail transport companies. It will map all their operational processes. It is integrated with other ERP systems as a single SW application platform that enables optimal planning and effective real-time daily management of  rail transport services resources (e.g. locomotives, wagons and drivers).
        Modularity and scalability of DisPro allows for bespoke solutions for any rail transport company.

  • Graphical interface for planning and dispatching
  • Notification registration of launchings and alerts, arrivals and departures of trains
  • On-line train location visualization
  • Automated interface with Timetable System of the Rail Infrastructure Company
  • Personal work-time and qualifications management
  • Hotels (registry, booking, clearing), Taxi (ordering, clearing)
  • Planning and assessment of its performance in respect to its profitability and used resources
  • Creation of traffic templates while optimizing its performance
  • Tracing of rail traffic taking into account route price, weight, distance and energy usage
  • Cycles simulation to assess required personnel and rolling stock resources
  • Pricing of contracts and their profitability
  • Clients invoicing immediately after a passage
  • Registration of rolling stock with its operational history
  • Reporting package conformed to internal and external requirements
  • Presentation of location of repair facilities, drivers abodes and hotels
  • Integration with  other ERP systems and GPS system on locomotives
  • Better utilization of rolling stock
  • Increased personnel productivity
  • Costs transparency
  • Quality improvement of management decisions
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